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Writing Projects

Sermon Snippets

Carl is writting snippets on his Top 10 favorite sermons preached by pastors. Snippets are published on his blog at under Sermon Snippets page.

3 Minutes with Carl (podcasts)

For the month of July 2018, Carl is recording live 3-minute podcasts on various subjects; including three guest speakers. Each podcast has three Bible verses and three takeaways on the topic. Podcasts can be found at 

2019 Future Writers Scholarship

More info will be provided in late August 2019

Love Letters project

Our committee will be connecting with hospitals and prisons to allow Carl to send out love letters to those who need to know the love of Christ and feel it through acts of kindness. Project is running from June 2018 to October 2018. 

ACX Productions

Joel Schrank is doing final touches to Carl's writing works before making them live on Amazon Audible.

Book Giveaways

Three giveaways will be done during the month of July 2018.

Writing Services

Additional writing services may also be available. Reach out to Carl at

3 Minutes with Carl Podcasts

Structure & Navigation

Each podcast done consists of the following: 

  1. Introduction
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Topic introduction
  4. 3 Bible verses dealing with topic
  5. 3 Takeaways from topic
  6. Closing Prayer
  7. Final Remarks


FORMAT: mp3 audio file

Podcast Schedule

1. Friendships (07.10)

2. True Love (07.11)

3. Gossip (07.12)

4. The Holy Spirit (07.13)

5. Forgiveness (07.14)

6. Honoring Pastors (07.15)

7. Faith, Hope, and Confidence (07.16)

8. Spiritual Gifts & Callings (07.17)

9. Vision (07.18)

10. Family (07.19)

11. Marriage (07.20)

12. Unity in body of Christ (07.21)

13. Discipleship (07.22)

14. Special Guest speaker (07.23)

15. Identity in Christ (07.24)

16. End Times (07.25)

17. Heart of God (07.26)

18. Special Guest Speaker (07.27)

19. Evangelism (07.28)

20. Spiritual Warfare (07.29)

21. Surviving the Wilderness (07.30)

22. Special Guest speaker (07.31)

Special Guest Speakers

Special Guest speakers will not be shown publicly until after the podcasts are downloaded and ready for preview.

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